If you disagree with or doubt any of the statements in the last section I can only say that you must be an inexperienced trader and still have much to learn.

There are many, many more trading ideas than the ones in this guide and I suggest that if many of the concepts I have discussed in this CFD guide are new to you, then you have some work to do in learning how to read charts before you can develop a reliable strategy of your own.

The alternative is to buy a book containing a truly complete trading strategy that works – and there aren’t many around I can assure you!

Like all things in life, if you wish to succeed and get into the 10% of traders who make money, you have to be dedicated, have a passion for trading and work hard.

It CAN be done and CFDs is an excellent instrument to use. You can experiment with small positions if you are new to trading and the gearing allows substantial profits once you are experienced.

Ultimately you can get to the position of trading for a living and that is immensely rewarding and affords a fantastic lifestyle. You can trade from anywhere in the world with a laptop and a telephone line and no one can limit your earnings, you don’t have to find customers, sell anything, employ anyone and the market will be there fore you tomorrow if you want to go to the beach or golf course today.

If you are new to trading, I hope you have started on a fantastic journey to a very interesting and rewarding trading career.

If you are an experienced trader, I hope you will convert to CFD trading. It has many advantages and hopefully will allow your trading to go to a new level.

Whatever stage you are at, the most important thing is to enjoy your trading!

I wish you huge success.


From The CFDs Trading Team.

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