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Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Andy

Have you wondered what goes wrong when you keep losing a series of games consecutively even though nothing went downhill? The most famous casinos in the world have many strategic secrets they don’t want the world to know.

Let us continue reading to know about a few of those secrets the casinos do not want you to ever find out.

Strategic Placement of Slots

Of course, the managers and owners of casinos do not forget about their own profits while designing the casino. Beyond the jazz and show of lights, there is great calculation and strategy behind each tile on the floor.

Management and casino owners study their casino floor plans and concentrate on the most popular areas. The best places to put premium slots are in high traffic areas, such as those near the entrance or those that link to other parts of the casino, such as the in-house mall or hotel.

The importance of premium slots is that they get the most wagers from casino platforms. Similarly, slots in the corners or at the back are ignored, and hence they get fewer wagers than average.

Different Slots Pay Different

More often than not, you will find new players winning consecutively for every 100 spins on one slot machine, whereas losing each time when on some different slot. In terms of payouts, you’re looking for slots with a mid-range RTP and high variance.

This type of arrangement of slot machines in refuel casino might increase your chances of winning initially and then lower them dramatically and leave you confused.

There is no Such Thing as Hot or Cold Slots

You might have heard a popular saying that hot slots increase, whereas cold slots decrease your chances of winning. However, let me tell you, no such thing exists. There are also other conditions like the time of the day of the game, like evening or morning, which decide the hotness or coldness of the slot.

Digital machines do not have any mechanism which keeps getting altered during the time of day. This is another careful strategy planned by the casino masters to induce fear or misconception among the players.

All the slot machines use a similar algorithm, and in no way can one machine bring more chances of winning than the other.

Your Perception of Time is Tricked

Have you ever wondered why there are no windows or clocks in a casino? This is because the casino owners and managers do not want you to be reminded of time so that you can lose yourself in a frenzy and go on playing for hours. This tricks our brain, and we are almost in a hypnotic state with an ambiguous sense of time.


The more you know about the insides of a casino, the more you will be amazed. However, sometimes it is better to not know everything, as it might ruin the fun, but all other times, it can be beneficial for us to know a few secrets to survive in the long run.

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