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Trading the Bear Market of 2022: Reflections from the Trenches

Day Trading Bear Market
Written by Andy

Psychological Damage from Trading this Market –

The Bear Market of 2022 has been the hardest market I and other pro-traders have ever traded.

“Fucking terrible – worst ever”,
“Never want to do that again”

Some quotes from other pros on trading in 2022

Everything was either Chop or Undependable trends.

Technical Analysis became inconsistent.

Moves were/are news driven.

Eventually you lose trust in TA, especially if you have never traded during a time when it was reliable.

It’s enough that one can get trading PTSD.

And this is where the real problem begins.

Because when the market finally settles into a far more tradable environment you’ll still be left with emotional scars of the past six months.

You’ll think every bullish move will be faded and every winning position is in danger.

You need to recognize it for what is – Fear.

When things get back on track, start small, reduce the number of trades, build up your confidence and faith in TA first.

Don’t scalp. Don’t chase.

The fear will be there for awhile but don’t let it drive your trading decisions.

What about the Consumers?

For actual consumers and businesses it hasn’t been any easier. Business and industry must deal with pressures upon them. So prices go up, product size shrinks, fees are added, wages are squeezed, service is shrunk…

Consumers see the bottom line, evaluate their financial situation and adjust in their way. They consume less, buy the more inexpensive, control lifestyle.

Government messes with money and as Adam Smith said, the “a matter of belief.” people have in it.

The great tug of war, the continual give and take…

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