What is the commission charged for:

UK Stocks SETS? UK Stocks non-SETS?

For UK stocks the commission is taken as a percentage, with a minimum commission per trade of £10. All UK shares look like they are commissioned at 0.1%…regardless of where they are placed in the FTSE. For phone dealing a minimum commission of £15 applies. The commission is charged on the opening and the closing. If a guaranteed stop is attached, a controlled risk premium is required to be paid on the opening of the position.

UK Stocks SETS: 0.10% £10 minimum.

UK Stocks non-SETS: 0.10% £15 minimum.

For US stocks the commission is in cents per share, again with a minimum commission. This amounts to 2 cents/share with a minimum of $15.

For European and Australian Stocks, it is also percentage based.

European stocks: 0.20% €15 minimum.

Australian stocks: 0.20% AU25 minimum.

Indices: Commission is not applicable to indices as the charge is in the spread. For Indices, a daily interest adjustment is applied to any position that is opened before 22:00 (London time) and that is still open after 22:00 (London time) and for shares, a daily interest adjustment is applied to any position kept open through the official close of business. Dividend adjustments are also applied to indices and shares positions.

Funding rates that apply will be the inter-bank offered rate for the currency that the trade is denominated in, plus/minus 2.5%. For example, a funding rate of LIBOR +2.5% will apply to long positions in UK stocks.

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