IG Markets is UK's biggest and most popular CFD broker. They offer a huge range of financial instruments. You are able to trade on Forex, Commodities, Indices and Shares (UK, Sidney, Madrid, Amsterdam, Belgium, Lisbon, Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Switzerland, Oslo and Vienna). You can also trade Options on the FTSE, DAX, CAC40, Dow Jones, S&P, Nikkei and the ASX. And there are also Binary Options. You are even able to trade Bonds. You can trade online and login on IG Markets but you can also trade via mobile.

Min. Deposit: 0.00

The platform is very easy to use. The IG Markets platform comes with a host of technical analysis and charting tools that assist traders and investors in their trading decisions. In this section we will examine some of these market research tools.

The financial instruments you will find easily in the Finder. It is well organized. You can also create Watchlists in order to have certain products all the time ready for you.

To open a ticket you just need to double click on a product.

IG Markets Platform is not only beautiful but also very useful. The platform is linked with some of the most known Technical Analysis Tools like Autoschartist, Trading Central and Investors Intelligence.

IG Markets also offers mobile and iPhone dealing for both DMA/Market Maker.

The mobile application allows CFD traders to:

Deal directly into the exchange order book using Direct Market Access;
View open DMA CFD trades, including the fill status of each individual trade;
Trade IG's wide range of markets including currencies, commodities and over 7000 individual shares
Open and close CFD trades via Direct Market Access
Edit or delete pending orders
Add Limits and Stops, including Guaranteed Stops
Setup/view customisable watchlists
Check real-time account balances and deposit funds.


We all know Autochartist very well. It is a very useful charting application that is available via IG Markets PureDeal platform. This tool automatically scans for for emerging chart patterns in real time so as to make it easier for traders to discover new opportunities. It is a must to have a live account with a CFD broker who provides its clients with this special tool. If you do not know about Autochartist, you must have an account with IG Markets.


Also Trading Central and Investors Intelligence are very useful tools for each trader.


What I don't like that much on the IG Markets Platform are the poor charts. I try to use the best features from IG Markets. But my one charting I am happy to work with MT4.


The conclusion of IG Markets is that you can trade really all kind of existing products; you get spoilt with all tools to improve the results of your trading. To have an account with IG Markets is an absolute must for all kind of traders.