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What do Star Wars Actors Drive?

Luxury Cars Driven by Actors
Written by Andy

The film about the Jedi is not just a series of episodes with an interesting plot. This fantastic film epic describes the story of the struggle between the Darkness and the Light. The work of George Lucas has gathered an unthinkable army of fans around the globe.

But despite all the great fame of the movie, have you heard about the supercars of the actors in real life? Believe it or not, some of the actors in the Star Wars movies are known for their impressive car collections. And it is quite obvious, as the top-rated actors with such fame could afford to not only rent supercars, but buy as many ones as they want. Nevertheless, car renting is a convenient option. If you want to feel the power of a supercar or experience high speed you always have the ability to rent one. With a number of car hire agencies and a variety of cars for rental, you may rent a car for the time you need.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cars of Star Wars actors.

Harrison Ford

Despite significant celebrity and fame due to his illustrious career, Harrison Ford, who played the legendary Han Solo, doesn’t have hundreds of collectible cars. Anyway, this outstanding man still has automobiles, from vintage classics to modern sports cars.

If we consider the most expensive and modern cars, then these two places in the actor’s garage are occupied by Tesla models S and X. The S model is slightly less expensive and is estimated at just over $100,000. The Tesla Model X is more expensive and newer, approaching $150,000. This model belongs to crossovers and is distinguished by the opening of doors like the flapping of the wings of a seagull.

However, in the collection of the legendary actor, there are not only electric cars. The green Austin Healey 3000 MK III is a coupe and has two doors. This is a very spectacular car that is difficult to manage. The combination of a 3-litre Austin engine and a Donald Healey sports car produced the rogue Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII, with a classic design, wild personality, and impressive sports history.

Do not forget about the iconic Mercedes-Benz SL500 R129, the car of the last century, which is very charismatic, like its owner.

Mark Hamill

During the filming of the famous Jedi movie, the actor who played Luke was filming a movie that you may not have heard of or forgotten about. We would like to remind you about the car that Mark Hamill drove there. It was a Corvette. It was a car of scarlet colour, with a very bright and unusual design. And the film is named Corvette Summer.

When revealing the automotive theme of the stars of George Lucas movies, we should notice that during the film shooting, Mark Hamill had a serious accident. He drove his BMW car when he lost control at high speed. This caused serious damage to his face and in some scenes the filmmaker had to use a body double.

John Boyega

John Boyega, who played Finn in the latest Star Wars trilogy, is a fan of luxury cars. John Boyega is the owner of a variety of cars. Among its fleet is the spacious Cadillac Escalade SUV. This is a very common choice among famous and wealthy people. And this is no accident. After all, this car is representative, comfortable. Its size and shape scream that no ordinary person rides in it.

Range Rover Sport continues the line of SUVs. This is a large and powerful car owned by John Boyega. It not only looks cool, but can also allow you to drive off-road to any point where the soul of a star wishes!

How to do without a supercar. The McLaren 720 S took exactly this position in the Boyega collection. Top-opening doors, streamlined shape and rich colour make this car really cool. This is exactly the kind of car we expect from an actor in such an iconic Jedi saga.


Even though the Star Wars films include thrilling action and amazing special effects, it’s intriguing to understand more about the vehicles driven by the actors that portrayed these iconic characters. These Star Wars actors have a wide variety of automotive hobbies, from vintage vehicles to contemporary sports automobiles. There is plenty to admire about the automobiles of these accomplished performers, whether you’re a car buff or a Star Wars lover.

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