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Follow Top Traders at Ayondo

Ayondo: Follow your Top-Trader

“Most retail investors are interested in keeping up with modern forms of trading, such as social trading. Social trading has a lot in common with social networks – and Sarah Brylewski from Ayondo is going to tell us everything about it.

Interview with Sarah Brylewski, Managing Director at Ayondo Markets

Social trading seems to be one of the most important topics of this year’s exhibitions and most visitors have countless questions about it. What exactly can you tell us?”

“You’re right, social trading is more or less what this entire exhibition is about, which is great for us since everyone wants to get informed and involved. There’s even going to be a presentation and panel discussion on the whole topic, making it hard to miss. We at Ayondo especially aim to help customers with getting to know the best traders and catching up with the latest trends.”

Tell us a little about Ayondo?

So, social trading is still relatively new and not too well-known on the trading day floor. That’s why retail investors often come up with the same questions – could you please give us an explanation?”

“Social trading is a new dimension of capital investment for retail investors, since you can run trades on all markets from the comfort of your own home and computer. What’s new about this is the social aspect – you can compare your own trades with the decisions of the most experienced traders at any time, giving you the opportunity to more or less build your own trading team.”

“So basically, if I’m understanding this correctly, everyone is receiving information about trades from all over the world. Does that mean you always have to share your trades with the rest of the world?”

“Not necessarily. You can always decide whether you’d rather share your own little trading secrets with other community members in order to get a small secondary income or if you monitor experienced traders in order to help you with your decision making. But you don’t have to do both.”

“Ah, I see. This kind of system can be found on many different platforms with varying business models. Could you maybe explain what exactly makes your platform the top choice for retail investors and how you’re different from the competition?”

“First off, there are several message boards where members can discuss their trades and opinions on different stocks. That way, you can get a bit of support from the community to make better trades. Also, there’s a copy trading option, which allows you to follow the market trends set by other traders and to diversify your portfolio. Ayondo specifically focuses on copy trading, which means that you can follow the top traders and act according to their trends. You don’t have to do that manually, you don’t have to follow them step-by-step – everything can be done automatically by linking your account to one or several top traders. You can then decide which traders are the best and single them out in order to optimize your strategy”

“So you’re basically part of a collective intelligence or hive mind, so to say, where you can decide who you’d like to follow?”

“Yeah, that’s definitely not too far off. Several studies prove that you can benefit from such an exchange as a retail investor opposed to just doing everything by yourself. This way, your performance can increase by more than 30%. It’s definitely no use if you overdo it and ask the community for every single decision you’re about to make – but if you balance things right, you can make great use of this method.”

“That sounds good, how exactly do I find a personal top trader whom I can follow online?”

“Well, firstly you’ll have to look around a bit. At Ayondo, all traders are categorized and sorted according to their performance, experience and success. That way, you can orient yourself as a retail investor and pick the traders which you deem worthy of following.”

“Is it possible to follow more than one trader at once in order to mix up strategies?”

“That’s right, you can add up to 5 traders to your portfolio, which allows for diversification and risk reduction.”

“You surely have great knowledge about social trading yourself – what would be the one hint you would give our viewers to get started?”

“Just as in regular trading: set a stop loss. We offer every member to set their own limit, so the worst-case scenario can still be in your control.”

“We recently heard that the name of your company changed, what’s the story behind that?”

“Yes, Gekko Global Market has become Ayondo Markets as a part of the parent company Ayondo. By getting closer together, we can now offer social trading and regular trading under the same roof.”

“Does that mean users can also expect a new website with additional features?”

“Exactly, we just launched a new website with easier access to both types of trading under the same brand.”

“Looking into the future, what’s your bottom line for this exhibition and social trading? Can we expect traders to adapt strategies from web 2.0 experiences?”

“Absolutely, we can already see that big brokering agencies adapt this kind of knowledge, meaning social trading is about to get even bigger.”

“What’s the best way to find out more about your company if I’m interested? Where can you be found on the internet and can potential customers test your platform with a guest account?”

“Sure, you can always test everything out on a demo account if you are interested. Our homepage is, which is where you’ll find everything you need to know about us and can get to know thousands of professional traders. What’s special about ayondo is that you can filter these traders for special criteria, such as performance or experience. Since performance isn’t always a great indicator for longtime-success, you can single out members who have been with us for a long time and have been getting great results.”

“And an obvious question: Why do these traders share their secrets with the community?”

“Well, it’s a nice way to earn money on the side. If you already spend most of your time doing trades, why not make more out of it by sharing your strategies with your followers as a secondary income.”

“Great, thank you very much for the interview!”

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