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Q:Do you have any CFD Trading Tips?

But doesn’t it all sounds too good to be true? What is the catch? Do you have any tips to help me be successful and succeed at CFD trading?

A: You couldn’t be blamed if this question jumped into your mind. When any major innovation occurs, people often put it in the ‘too good to be true’ box.

As far as CFDs go, there is no catch.

There is however, one very important factor required to trade CFDs successfully. You must possess the skills of profitable trading before CFDs or any other financial product are going to help you create wealth. This is especially true when the concept of leverage is introduced, as with CFDs.

Some common mistakes and attitudes that uneducated traders and investors make are:

  • Not knowing where to start in trading or investing.
  • Holding losing stocks, hoping they will go up.
  • Buying on rumour, tips or gut feel.
  • Continually trying to land a ‘home run’ to make back previous loses.
  • Selling stocks early as they start to rise.
  • A feeling that the market is against you.
  • Buying expensive software programs that don’t work.

All too often, people jump into trading head first without a thorough understanding of exactly how they are going to approach the market. The result is usually nothing short of disastrous.

A successful trader treats trading as a business. The first step in the process of becoming a profitable trader is to construct a business plan, much like one that you would use for a conventional business.

A business plan to a trader is known as a trading system, and like a business plan it is used to define the exact strategy of actions that are used to create a profit.

The key to successful trading is a properly implemented strategy, not subjective decisions based on your opinion of the market. The three key ingredients to becoming a successful share trader are:

  • A proven trading system;
  • The tools to implement the system;
  • The ability to implement the system.

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