Huge Gains In Gaming

Traders from around the world spend thousands of hours on research and analysis to find the perfect picks in the stock markets. Common industries like commodities, finance, healthcare and construction are always a safe bet, but the gaming sector is becoming extremely attractive for traders to find great gains in the long and short term.

While we all want to get in on ‘the next big thing’, we decided to do some snooping around to find some of the top stock picks in gaming for 2017:

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the more expensive stocks at over $80 a share, but their constant growth in sports games such as Madden, NHL, and FIFA, which was the most sold game in 2016, aligns with the largest sports brands in the entire world. Technology is constantly growing and improved graphics on these games only make the experience of playing more realistic, and a whole lot more desirable to play. We would put EA stocks as a top pick that should have huge gains in the next two-to-three years.

GameStop (GME) is one of the world’s largest gaming megastores – focusing on consoles, games, accessories and memorabilia. The company has also gone on a drive to sell more virtual reality products; a market with exponential growth on the horizon. Gaming is in no way an endangered industry, in fact it is constantly growing, and therefore is a great long terms hold for a strong investment strategy.

Zynga Inc (ZNGA) are the app kings. The company is responsible for some of the most famous apps in the last 10 years like Words With Friends and Farmville. Zynga has helped connect one billion people through social gaming. Most apps they produce have been major successes, and will most likely continue to be as they improve on their technology and ideas. Since 2013, their stock has fallen somewhat, but with a massive customer base, and an ever-increasing opportunity to expand its market, they are sure to bounce back.

Playtech (PTEC) is traded on the London Stock Exchange, and has had some stagnant growth in the last 10 years, but has had a recent influx in users and profits, largely due to well-loved games and exciting progressive slots that have grown their user base. The online casino and gaming world is a sure bet when it comes to building your stock portfolio.

To some, investing in stocks is born out of personal preference, company standards, business ethics or it boil down to a gut feel. These stock picks discussed are here to help give you a good sense of an ever growing industry, that is not slowing down at all. We’d be happy to put our money where our mouth is with these picks.

A word to the wise: Be sure to do your homework and speak to a stockbroker before making any large investments. And remember to stay informed and educated about the industry you have invested in.

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