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Ireland, Seán Quinn’s Incredible Half a Million Punt on Anglo-Irish Bank’s Stock

August 26, 2011Andy 1 Comment »

It is thought that Sean Quinn bought over half a billion worth of shares in Anglo-Irish Bank on a single day, on two separate occasions.

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Ireland, Regulator to Outline CFD Disclosure Framework within a month

October 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has announced that new rules regulating CFDs will be rolled out within a month, forcing investors to disclose the building of stakes in companies using such financial instruments.

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Ireland, Irish Regulator Reviewing Disclosure Restrictions of CFD Holdings

August 2, 2010Andy No Comments »

CFD holders which were at the center of the Quinn/Anglo Irish controversies, should face additional restrictions, corporate enforcement watchdog Paul Appleby has stated…

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Exchange alarm as Revenue eyes CFD stamp levy

March 28, 2006Andy No Comments »

Stock Exchange officials will meet the Revenue today in a continuing campaign to head off the imposition of stamp duty on a major hedge fund activity.

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