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France, French Regulator Urges Public Caution On Forex CFDs

December 2, 2010Andy No Comments »

The French market regulator Wednesday called for ‘caution’ on foreign-exchange trading via Contracts For Difference, or CFDs, and forex forwards.

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Ireland, Irish Regulator Reviewing Disclosure Restrictions of CFD Holdings

August 2, 2010Andy No Comments »

CFD holders which were at the center of the Quinn/Anglo Irish controversies, should face additional restrictions, corporate enforcement watchdog Paul Appleby has stated…

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ASIC to scrutinise Speculative Share Trading

June 10, 2010Andy No Comments »

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) says it will be closely monitoring certain trading tools when it takes over the supervision of financial markets later this year.

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LSE Drops Plan to Offer CFD, Stock Trading on Same Platform

April 2, 2009Andy No Comments »

London Stock Exchange Group Plc said it ‘put on hold indefinitely’ plans to offer trading of contracts for difference and stocks on the same electronic platform.

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Trouble at Dealstream

September 23, 2008Andy No Comments »

Clients of Dealstream are concerned after the company’s trading system went down last week. Calls placed to the derivatives broker and its CEO Russell Leigh went unanswered Monday morning. Dealstream is one of South Africa’s largest CFD brokers.

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Global Forex Trading expands Australian offering

August 19, 2008Andy No Comments »

The contracts for difference (CFDs) are being run out of GFT’s London office and are available in Australia for the first time, marketing director Simon Marmot said.

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Investors unlock value of Gearing Up

September 18, 2004Andy No Comments »

Once the sole domain of large institutional investors, the investment tool known as ‘Contracts For Difference’ is winning increasing popularity among retail investors.

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