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UK, LMAX Troubles

August 15, 2011Andy No Comments »

Apparently things aren’t too well over at LMAX. The LMAX CFD and FX trading backed by Goldman Sachs and owned by Betfair reported a pre-tax loss amounting to £13.2m in the year to April 30, 2011 on revenues of £271,000.

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Australia, ASIC seeks more Disclosure on CFDs‎

August 14, 2011Andy No Comments »

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has tightened the rules governing contracts for difference which now require clearer disclosure in seven areas.

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UK, CMC Markets Launches New ‘Tracker’ CFD account

May 24, 2011Andy No Comments »

CMC Markets has launched a new ‘Tracker’ CFD account which allows traders to choose the exact level of funds required to finance their position – known as ‘customisable financing’.

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Europe, ETX Capital Introduces Eastern European Currencies and Shares to its CFD platform

December 7, 2010Andy No Comments »

ETX Capital was reported by CityAM to have expanded its range of markets by introducing Eastern European forex pairs and shares to its CFD platform.

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France, French Regulator Urges Public Caution On Forex CFDs

December 2, 2010Andy No Comments »

The French market regulator Wednesday called for ‘caution’ on foreign-exchange trading via Contracts For Difference, or CFDs, and forex forwards.

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UK, FSA releases Guidance on Transaction Reporting of Chi-X Centrally Cleared CFDs

November 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Chi-X is launching trading in a new type of instrument on 8 November 2010 – centrally cleared contracts for difference (ccCFDs). The FSA wishes to clarify in guidance how these instruments should be reported and which parties have transaction reporting obligations.

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Ireland, Regulator to Outline CFD Disclosure Framework within a month

October 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has announced that new rules regulating CFDs will be rolled out within a month, forcing investors to disclose the building of stakes in companies using such financial instruments.

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Australia, CFD Growth Continues

August 26, 2010Andy No Comments »

The market for CFDs in Australia keeps expanding, according to new research released by Investment Trends. IG Markets is now the biggest provider with respect to primary relationships with CFD traders holding 29 per cent of the market, while CMC Markets still leads…

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Australia, Gain Capital’s Forex Division Expands Product Offering to include Equity Index CFDs

August 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Gain Capital’s forex trading division has just announced the launch of share index CFDs to its forex offering in Australia and the launch of a new Australian website for its clients.

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EU, CESR publishes consultation paper on Standardization and Exchange Trading of OTC Derivatives

August 4, 2010Andy No Comments »

On July 19, the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) published a consultation paper (CESR/10-610) on the standardization and exchange trading of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives.

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Ireland, Irish Regulator Reviewing Disclosure Restrictions of CFD Holdings

August 2, 2010Andy No Comments »

CFD holders which were at the center of the Quinn/Anglo Irish controversies, should face additional restrictions, corporate enforcement watchdog Paul Appleby has stated…

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ASIC to scrutinise Speculative Share Trading

June 10, 2010Andy No Comments »

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) says it will be closely monitoring certain trading tools when it takes over the supervision of financial markets later this year.

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London Brokers Raise Margins to Cover CFDs

March 25, 2008Andy No Comments »

Several of London’s stockbrokers have followed MF Global Ltd.’s decision to demand more money from its clients to cover derivative positions, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

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Bourse in world first with CFD exchange

September 12, 2006Andy No Comments »

The Australian Stock Exchange is establishing the world’s first exchange-traded market for contracts-for-difference on the Sydney Futures Exchange, after yesterday naming eight broking firms as designated price-makers.

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Exchange alarm as Revenue eyes CFD stamp levy

March 28, 2006Andy No Comments »

Stock Exchange officials will meet the Revenue today in a continuing campaign to head off the imposition of stamp duty on a major hedge fund activity.

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