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Australia, ASIC seeks more Disclosure on CFDs‎

August 14, 2011Andy No Comments »

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has tightened the rules governing contracts for difference which now require clearer disclosure in seven areas.

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Australia, Joseph Hartman falls from Luxury to Jail for Insider Trading

December 3, 2010Andy No Comments »

In a landmark case that has reached the Australian national tabloids, a young broker charged with multiple counts of insider trading in CFDs has received a four-and-a-half year jail sentence, the highest sentence on record…

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Australia, IG Markets Responds to the ASIC Report

November 26, 2010Andy No Comments »

IG Markets, one of Australia’s leading CFD Providers has responded to the ASIC report by issuing a press release stating that it supports ASIC’s proposed introduction of disclosure benchmarks for CFD providers..

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Australia, ASIC releases Investor Guide about CFDs Trading

November 25, 2010Andy No Comments »

Just a week after expressing concern about consumer understanding of over the counter products such as CFDs, the Australian regulator has issued a 45-page investor guide…

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ASIC to scrutinise Speculative Share Trading

June 10, 2010Andy No Comments »

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) says it will be closely monitoring certain trading tools when it takes over the supervision of financial markets later this year.

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ASIC pushing for Greater Transparency from OTC Providers

August 13, 2009Andy No Comments »

ASIC has issued its first warning targeted to the multi-billion-dollar OTC (over-the-counter) market by issuing a paper seeking more disclosure from the industry and warning investors to ask more questions.

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