CFD rules set for major overhaul – Ireland

August 24, 2007Andy No Comments »

Investors who build up stakes in companies using contracts for difference (CFDs) will be forced to disclose their shareholding when current rules on the financial instrument are overhauled in the coming months.

Irish market to be hit hard following CFD losses – Ireland

August 12, 2007Andy No Comments »

The Irish stock market is set to suffer significant fall-out from last week’s dramatic drops.

FSA says derivatives transparency hard to enforce

July 24, 2007Andy No Comments »

LONDON (Reuters) – The Financial Services Authority faced fresh calls on Thursday to adjust rules on derivative positions used by investors to build stakes, but the watchdog said increased transparency could be hard to implement.

Australia’s capital markets in 2007

January 22, 2007Andy No Comments »

2007 will be an innovative year in Australia’s financial sector. The ASX is set to launch exchange-traded Contracts for Difference. Since CFDs were introduced to the Australian market a few years ago the growth in the volume of contracts traded has been astonishing, no doubt at least partly due to the current bull market. This growth has also resulted in a significant increase in trading volumes of the underlying shares listed on the ASX, as the CFD providers hedge their exposures. So while the ASX has no doubt done well out of increased fees from trading, they obviously want to get a piece of the action for themselves. It will be interesting to see how their offering compares to the current leading CFD providers and how these providers will adapt to the new competition. I wonder if it will introduce opportunities for arbitrage? It also looks like the ASX will be one of the first exchanges to have listed CFDs, the only other that I have been able to find is the London Stock Exchange.

Call for a crackdown on CFDs

September 27, 2006Andy No Comments »

The City regulator has been urged to crack down on investors who use derivative positions to secretly build company stakes.

Bourse in world first with CFD exchange

September 12, 2006Andy No Comments »

The Australian Stock Exchange is establishing the world’s first exchange-traded market for contracts-for-difference on the Sydney Futures Exchange, after yesterday naming eight broking firms as designated price-makers.

Law firm IDs further MiFID fears

June 27, 2006Andy No Comments »

Providers of CFD and spreadbetting services could be forced offshore because of MiFID best execution rules.

US broker tells Irish clients to prove Wealth or face Costly Sanctions

May 29, 2006Andy No Comments »

Cantor Fitzgerald has told major Irish stockbrokers to instruct their clients who use Cantor’s contracts for difference (CFD) products to prove they can sustain losses.

Pension Diary: Turning my Sipp into 1m

April 4, 2006Andy No Comments »

I set myself the challenge of turning my self-invested personal pension from £122,000 into £1m in three years, starting on July 1, 2005.

Minister moves to offset Revenue decision on CFDs

April 4, 2006Andy No Comments »

There has been positive news on the tax front since the conference as Minister moves to offset Revenue decision on CFDs – The St Patrick’s Day decision to change the tax treatment of CFDs on equities retrospectively, which has potentially a major impact on the Irish market, and on Irish equities has been put on hold by the Minister for Finance. In a statement issued on March 30th* (see below), the Minister indicated that the move will be repealed.

FSA plan to let stakes stay secret up to 5%

March 31, 2006Andy No Comments »

Secret stakebuilders in London-listed companies could keep their activities hidden for longer under proposals tabled by the chief City regulator yesterday.
The Financial Services Authority said it was considering whether to scrap the present rule that forces stakebuilders to disclose holdings as soon as they go above 3 per cent of the target company.

Exchange alarm as Revenue eyes CFD stamp levy

March 28, 2006Andy No Comments »

Stock Exchange officials will meet the Revenue today in a continuing campaign to head off the imposition of stamp duty on a major hedge fund activity.

Online Trader Has Big Expansion Plans

March 23, 2006Andy No Comments »

Online financial derivatives business Global Trader is planning a big move into new markets as it capitalises on its emerging market focus in its spread trading and contract for difference (CFD) business.

Investors unlock value of Gearing Up

September 18, 2004Andy No Comments »

Once the sole domain of large institutional investors, the investment tool known as ‘Contracts For Difference’ is winning increasing popularity among retail investors.

Sucden Launches New Electronic Trading Platform

September 18, 2004Andy No Comments »

Sucden (UK) Ltd, one of London’s leading commodity and financial future brokers, today launched an electronic trading platform as part of a programme of expanding and improving its services for the experienced retail investor.