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UK, LCH.Clearnet goes live with CFD Clearing

October 27, 2010Andy No Comments »

LCH.Clearnet Ltd (LCH.Clearnet) has launched with Europe’s first clearing service for CFDs. LCH.Clearnet is the central counterparty to LMAX, the new multilateral trading facility for retail customers owned by betting exchange Betfair.

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Australia, Capital CFDs: Launch of CFD service in Australia

October 25, 2010Andy 1 Comment »

LCG plc, a leading online financial spread betting and trading company, is pleased to announce that, after successfully acquiring regulatory status with ASIC in Australia, it has today launched Capital CFDs; a CFD trading platform operating from Sydney, Australia.

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UK, London Multi-Asset Trading Exchange Debut Today

October 25, 2010Andy No Comments »

Betfair’s financial trading spinoff, LMAX which stands for London Multi-Asset Exchange, will make its debut today, seeking to connect retail investors online and book a commission on their trades.

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UK, FTSE 100 and Dax 30 Spread Cuts at IG Markets

October 21, 2010Andy No Comments »

IG Markets, a leading provider of spread betting and CFDs products has announced that it has further improved its pricing on a number of popular index contracts.

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UK, London Stock Exchange launches CFD ‘swaps portal’

October 15, 2010Andy No Comments »

The LSE (London Stock Exchange) yesterday announced that it was extending its UnaVista business service to the swaps market, automating the trading of contracts for differences and other security derivatives…

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EU, More Details on Proposed Regulation on Short Selling

October 9, 2010admin No Comments »

The European Commission published a proposal (the Proposal) for a European Regulation on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps (CDSs)…

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Ireland, Regulator to Outline CFD Disclosure Framework within a month

October 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has announced that new rules regulating CFDs will be rolled out within a month, forcing investors to disclose the building of stakes in companies using such financial instruments.

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