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Call for a crackdown on CFDs

September 27, 2006Andy No Comments »

The City regulator has been urged to crack down on investors who use derivative positions to secretly build company stakes.

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Law firm IDs further MiFID fears

June 27, 2006Andy No Comments »

Providers of CFD and spreadbetting services could be forced offshore because of MiFID best execution rules.

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Pension Diary: Turning my Sipp into 1m

April 4, 2006Andy No Comments »

I set myself the challenge of turning my self-invested personal pension from £122,000 into £1m in three years, starting on July 1, 2005.

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FSA plan to let stakes stay secret up to 5%

March 31, 2006Andy No Comments »

Secret stakebuilders in London-listed companies could keep their activities hidden for longer under proposals tabled by the chief City regulator yesterday.
The Financial Services Authority said it was considering whether to scrap the present rule that forces stakebuilders to disclose holdings as soon as they go above 3 per cent of the target company.

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Investors unlock value of Gearing Up

September 18, 2004Andy No Comments »

Once the sole domain of large institutional investors, the investment tool known as ‘Contracts For Difference’ is winning increasing popularity among retail investors.

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