Global Forex Trading expands Australian offering

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Australia – The contracts for difference (CFDs) are being run out of GFT’s London office and are available in Australia for the first time, marketing director Simon Marmot said.

‘We intend to expand the number of future indices that can be traded using our global offices, including Singapore and Hong Kong,’ he said.

The company offers the service through its three DealBook 360 platforms – desktop, web and mobile.

GFT Sydney sales manager Brendan Gunn said most people are opting for the web version of DealBook, which allows web-based trading in CFDs and foreign exchange trades. The web version offers professional analysis and commentary together with live streaming of markets.

Gunn said the people being attracted to currency trading range from experienced investors to those with no previous exposure to the sector.

‘We are now seeing people who have not traded before starting with equity CFDs and moving onto to other markets É as they develop their trading confidence,’ he said.

Gunn said training and support were crucial components of investors expanding their trading horizons.

He also believes the lack of support for investors trading in these markets in the past had led to CFDs getting a bad name.

GFT is running three seminars a week in Sydney on currency and CFD training and Gunn said there is also online training available for investors in other parts of Australia.

‘We also give investors a practice account for them to trade in a real market and develop the necessary skills for trading in these markets,’ he said.

‘They can only trade in the practice account initially until they feel comfortable undertaking real trades.

‘The practice account is also used for investors moving into new markets for the first time.’

Marmot said if investors become confident, they trade more, which is where GFT earns its income.

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