UK, CMC Markets Introduces Precision Pricing

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CMC Markets has introduced new pricing technology which we are told provides a greater degree of transparency on pricing of CFD contracts. The technology has been launched on the Marketmaker® CFD Web and Desktop; and is referred to as ‘Precision Pricing’.

With the addition of a decimal place to spread prices, CMC Market’s contracts pricing should increase in accuracy.

What this means to you

CMC Markets emphasised that this will not have any negative effect to the price of the instruments clients trade. The extra decimal place provides CMC with the potential to make their spreads even tighter. As for example, CMC have cut the spread on their USDTRY position from 20 to 14.5 as a result of Precision Pricing.

Precision Pricing also provides clients with better accuracy and transparency. This is especially important for trade and stop loss execution. If, for example a trader places a stop loss at 9.87. With price rounding, a price of 9.872 rounds to 9.87 so it could trigger the trader’s stop loss. Whereas with Precision Pricing the trader is not subject to rounding, providing greater transparency and accuracy for trading.

Spread Cuts on Currency Pairs

In addition to their new Precision Pricing technology CMC Markets have reduced the spreads on the following instruments:

NEW: Tick Size and Value feature

CMC have added a new feature to the Order Ticket on the web platform. It now gives you the option of viewing more details other than price.

So before placing a trade you will now also be able to view the following, for all instruments – tick size, margin % required and estimated total value.

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