CMC Markets Integrates Pattern Recognition Charting Application

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The CMC Markets trading platform now includes a new pattern recognition upgrade – available via the CFD Marketmaker Desktop platform.

This free, technical analysis tool is integrated within the Marketmaker Desktop platform allowing spread betters to identify charting patterns. Powerful and simple to use you can analyse all of our most popular instruments including CFDs on major global indices, FX and our top twenty most traded equities.

The trend is your friend – nine patterns you can apply

Triangles? Wedges? Channels? Each pattern has a story to tell about the direction of an instrument price movement. Pinpoint and overlay our technical analysis patterns over our live charts. In addition scan for over more than 100 different candlestick formations.

Emerging or completed?

Track new emerging patterns and follow recent completed breakouts. You can tag emerging patterns and receive alerts when they are complete.

Want to know how previous patterns have panned out?

The Pattern Recognition tool also allows traders to back-test to see how previous patterns have performed in the past. This can be done across many different time frames and can help traders to get an idea of the success that a certain type of pattern may have had when looking at a particular instrument. However as CMC Markets stresses, please remember past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

The more stars, the stronger the signal

Every pattern even has a one to five-star rating based on a range of indicators. The star rating system is a means of assisting you to speed up the potential short-listing process by sorting the strength of the signals and matching popular technical analysis indicators with the direction of the breakout.

CMC Markets Charting Pattern Recognition Tool

CMC Markets Charting Pattern Recognition Tool

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